Local Law 145/2013

New York City's Vehicle Emissions Law

Local Law 145/2013

Beginning January 1st 2020 heavy duty trade waste hauling vehicles that have a license or registration with the New Yor City Business Integrity Comission (BIC) must be equipped with an EPA2007 of later engine, or utilize Best Avaliable Retrofit Technology (BART) on 2006 and older engines. BART technology is retrofit technology that has been veified by either the California Air Resourses Board (CARB) or the Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) for reducing the
emission of pollutants that achieves reductions in particulate matter (PM) emissions at the highest classification level for diesel emission control strategies. Esentally this means that all affected vehicles must now either already be equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or have a verified DPF installed on their vehicle. Upgrading existng fleets with verified technology can help fleets save thousands of dollars while still being able to comply with the new law.


No, Each verified product is only applicable to the engines specified by the verifying body. Not all verifications will cover all engines, in fact, most do not. It’s important to make sure the EFN for your engine is listed on the products “verified list” these lists can be found on both the CARB and EPA website.

We can provide a quote by email or over the phone but we will need some information about the equipment. For the filter sizing, we will need the Engine Family Name (EFN) & engine horsepower.

Click Here for help finding your EFN.

The Department of Environmental Protection & the Business Integrity Commission has the authority to issue violations.

• An “order to correct” will be issued with each violation.
– These orders allow the violations to be corrected without penalty within 60 days from the date of the order.
• Where such violation is not corrected within 60 days, a separate additional penalty may be imposed of not more than $500 for each day that the violation is not corrected.

Violation of this law carries a civil penalty of $10,000.00 per vehicle.

“Heavy Duty Trade Waste Hauling Vehicle” means any diesel-fuel powered vehicle with a gross weight of over 16,000 lbs. that is owned or operated by an entity that is required to be licensed or registered by the BIC and that is operated in New York City for collection and/or removal of trade waste.

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